Aerial Destruction
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Dominate the battlefield and destroy armies of bio-engineered mutants with powerful helicopters and weapons in a colourful environment !

Aerial Destruction is a helicopter game featuring a semi-realistic arcade gameplay with colourful graphics where the goal is to destroy armies of bio-engineered mutants during a complete single player campaign followed by multiple missions.

Each succesful battle give you the ability to unlock a new helicopter which comes with a new tactic and weapons, expanding the possibilities when storming the enemy during battles involving large concentrations of allied and hostile troops.


  • A complete single player campaign with missions ranging from defending military outposts, destroying enemy convoys or buildings and supporting allied troops in assaulting enemy front lines.
  • Defensive missions where the goal is to protect a position for as long a possible against waves of mutants using unlockable armaments and helicopters...
  • Many unlockable helicopters having each one its specific armaments, tactic and gameplay.
  • Battles with large concentrations of allied and hostile troops composed of infantries, armed cars, tanks, buildings, etc...
  • Helicopters easy to fly with views inside the cockpit and behind.
  • Support for Steam achievements, trading cards and cloud.
  • Playable with Xbox-like gamepads.

If you ever wanted a fun helicopter game where you could quickly jump in and play without the hassle of learning the complex controls of a flying simulator, then that might be a game for you !


The game is still in development and more features might be added in the future. In the meantime, you can help the submission process of the game on Steam by voting for it at Steam Greenlight.